Round 8 Results

McLean High School 1-3 Montgomery Blair High School

Richard Montgomery High School 0-4 Gonzaga College High School

Falls Church High School 2-2 Langley High School

Arlington Career Center 3-1 Centreville High School

Rochambeau French Intl. School 2-2 Seneca Valley High School

West Springfield High School 2-2 W.T. Woodson High School

DeMatha Catholic High School 2-2 Col. Zadok Magruder High School

Washington Intl. School 0-3 Winston Churchill High School

Georgetown Preparatory School 2-0 Rockville High School

St. Anselm’s Abbey School 3-0 BASIS DC

St. Albans School 3-1 Don Bosco Cristo Rey

Bishop McNamara High School 0-4 Sandy Spring Friends School

Sidwell Friends School 0-4 E.L. Haynes Public Charter School

Eastern High School 2-2 St. John’s College High School

Final Regular Season Standings After Round 8

PlaceSchoolTotal Match PointsTotal Board Points
1stRichard Montgomery High School 6.523
2ndMontgomery Blair High School6.522.5
3rdArlington Career Center621
4thGonzaga College High School520
5thCol. Zadok Magruder High School520
6thSeneca Valley High School518
7thFalls Church High School517
8thLangley High School516
9thWest Springfield High School4.518.5
10thW.T. Woodson High School4.517
11thRochambeau French Intl. School4.514.5
12thWinston Churchill High School4.513.5
13thRockville High School417
14th (Tie)St. Anselm’s Abbey School416
14th (Tie)St. Albans School416
16thBishop McNamara High School415
17th (Tie)McLean High School3.515
17th (Tie)Georgetown Preparatory School3.515
19th Washington Intl. School3.514.5
20thBASIS DC3.513.5
21stCentreville High School314
22ndDeMatha Catholic High School312
23rdSt. John’s College High School2.512.5
24th (Tie)Sidwell Friends School2.512
24th (Tie)Eastern High School2.512
26thSandy Spring Friends School2.511.5
27thDon Bosco Cristo Rey2.510.5
28th E.L. Haynes Public Charter School 1.58.5
29thMcKinley Technology High School01
30thIDEA Public Charter School00

Richard Montgomery, Montgomery Blair, Arlington Career Center, and Gonzaga College High School have been invited to the playoffs, held in person on April 15.