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Teaching Kids to Think, Having Them Learn a Skill for Life

We have classes for students of all ages and skill levels starting this month. We continue to run chess clubs for elementary schools. Click here for details.

We also have more than 1,000 used books (all genres, some more than 100 years old, others quite recent) for sale in our Silver Spring office. Make an appointment to see them.

The U.S. Chess Center’s teaching methods are fun and effective. Our nationally certified chess teachers help students become creative, enjoy learning, and pursue their passions. We emphasize problem-solving over memorization; as our students learn to think independently, they achieve success and develop well-earned senses of accomplishment.

Not only have our students become national champions in chess (winning more than 50 state and national championship titles) they also have used chess to accomplish their academic goals. Two of our students earned Rhodes Scholarships and hundreds earned academic scholarships. One of our top students, International Grandmaster Alex Sherzer, wrote, “Not only did the U.S. Chess Center’s methods help me achieve my goals in chess, but I also developed valuable intellectual skills that I use as a doctor.

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