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Elementary Team League 2022-23 Matchday 4 Results 

Round 4 of the Elementary Team League was played earlier today.  Spring Hill Elementary moved into first place with a 30-point day, scoring six wins and two draws from their eight games, one of many shakeups in the standings as the season hit the halfway mark.

Round 7 Results

Westbriar 1-3 Spring Hill

Kent Gardens 1-3 Colvin Run

Churchill Road 4-0 Greenbriar West

Orange Hunt 0.5-3.5 White Oaks

Ravensworth 0-4 Lorton Station

Willow Springs 3-1 Poplar Tree

Round 8 Results

Colvin Run 3-1 Willow Springs

Greenbriar West 1-3 Kent Gardens

Spring Hill 4-0 Ravensworth

White Oaks 0.5-3.5 Westbriar

Poplar Tree 3.5-0.5 Orange Hunt

Lorton Station 3-1 Churchill Road


Team Standings After Matchday 4

Spring Hill 97

Churchill Road 95

Colvin Run 90

Kent Gardens 83

Willow Springs 82

White Oaks 78

Westbriar 75

Poplar Tree 73

Greenbriar West 72

Lorton Station 71

Orange Hunt 50

Ravensworth 35

The season continues on February 4, followed by three more matchdays in February and March.  Participation in the League is free of charge and open to anyone in an after-school chess club of ours.