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Elementary Team League 2022-23 Matchday 3 Results

Back from the winter break, the Elementary Team League returned to St. Luke’s Methodist Church for the third matchday of the 2022-23 season.  Among the more than 40 elementary-schoolers who turned up to play, we were happy to see many students who’d never taken part in competitions outside of their school clubs.   Representing their schools in the League is an excellent foundation for these students to build on for other tournaments in the future.

Round 5 Results

Willow Springs 3-1 Westbriar

Greenbriar West 1.5-2.5 Colvin Run

Churchill Road 3.5-0.5 Spring Hill

Lorton Station 2-2 White Oaks

Ravensworth 1-3 Orange Hunt

Poplar Tree 1-3 Kent Gardens

Round 6 Results

Kent Gardens 3-1 Willow Springs

Westbriar 2-2 Ravensworth

Spring Hill 2-2 Lorton Station 

Orange Hunt 1-3 Greenbriar West

White Oaks 2-2 Poplar Tree

Colvin Run 2-2 Churchill Road


Team Standings After Matchday 3

Churchill Road 73

Spring Hill 67

Greenbriar West 64

Kent Gardens 63

Westbriar 63

Willow Springs 62

Colvin Run 62

Poplar Tree 52

White Oaks 50

Lorton Station 41

Orange Hunt 40

Ravensworth 31