Elementary Team League 2022-23 Matchday 2 Results

Spring Hill Elementary played host to the second matchday of the Elementary Team League yesterday, December 3.  Over 40 students turned up to represent their schools.

Round 3 Results

Westbriar 3-1 Poplar Tree

White Oaks 0-4 Churchill Road

Kent Gardens 1-3 Spring Hill

Colvin Run 2-2 Willow Springs

Ravensworth 0-4 Greenbriar West

Orange Hunt 3-1 Lorton Station

Round 4 Results

Spring Hill 3-1 Orange Hunt

Poplar Tree 2-2 Colvin Run

Greenbriar West 3.5 – 0.5 White Oaks

Lorton Station 1.5-2.5 Westbriar

Churchill Road 4-0 Kent Gardens

Willow Springs 3-0 Ravensworth

Team Standings After Matchday 2

Churchill Road 58

Spring Hill 52

Westbriar 47

Greenbriar West 43

Willow Springs 42

Colvin Run 39

Poplar Tree 36

Kent Gardens 35

White Oaks 32

Lorton Station 21

Orange Hunt 20

Ravensworth 17

The League breaks for the holiday season and resumes on January 7, 2023.  Participation is free and open to all students enrolled in one of our after-school chess clubs.  Please reach out to your chess club instructor if you would like your child to participate in the League this season.