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Elementary Team League 2021-22: Round 7 Results

More than 30 students showed up to St. Luke’s Methodist Church this past weekend to represent their schools in the Elementary Team League.  With one round remaining in the competiton, Colvin Run Elementary continues in the lead while White Oaks, Greenbriar West and the fast-rising Spring Hill are locked in a battle for second.

Round 1:
Greenbriar West 1-3 Colvin Run
Ravensworth 3-1 Stratford Landing
Poplar Tree 1-1 Westbriar
White Oaks 2.5-1.5 Kent Gardens 
Spring Hill 4-0 Willow Springs
Round 2:
Colvin Run 1-3 Spring Hill
Willow Springs 0-4 White Oaks
Stratford Landing 2-0 Poplar Tree
Westbriar 0-4 Greenbriar West
Kent Gardens 0.5-3.5 Ravensworth
Standings after Matchday 7:
Colvin Run 181
White Oaks 153
Greenbriar West 145
Spring Hill 144
Kent Gardens 134
Poplar Tree 116
Ravensworth 105
Willow Springs 93
Stratford Landing 85
Westbriar 57