Robert Teachey was promoted to Executive Director of the U.S. Chess Center in 2017. His relationship with the Chess Center began in 2008 when he began playing in chess tournaments. His positive interactions with the Center's students and staff led him to seek a greater role in the Center's programs. In 2010, he joined the staff as a teacher. He is a United States Chess Federation Certified Advanced Chess Coach.

Mr. Teachey's passion for teaching and mentoring youth was ignited when he taught and developed the syllabus for an electronics course for high school students while an undergraduate. Before immersing himself in chess, he designed electronic data communications systems. Mr. Teachey holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In addition to overseeing the Center's administration and programs, Mr. Teachey supports the Board of Directors in furthering the Center's mission of teaching chess to children and teens as a means of improving their academic and social skills.

Robert Teachey at play

Robert Teachey giving a lesson.