young players.

Chess Clubs for Elementary Schools

Since 1993, the U.S. Chess Center has been running chess clubs in elementary schools throughout the national capital region. This year, we have moved online until it is safe to open schools without social distancing.

Our online clubs are structured to look like our after-school clubs did before the pandemic. Membership in the club includes:

U.S. Chess Center online classes are live with a nationally certified chess coach; we do not use videos. Students are placed into groups by ability so that everyone is challenged but nobody is mystified. In each lesson, students are encouraged to share their ideas and questions with their group. Our teachers observe and listen to the students to ensure that nobody is left behind.

Daily online playing sessions at 5:00 p.m. are structured so that children get to play with other kids at their skill level on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and with kids from their own school on Tuesday and Thursday. We use the same proprietary rating system to track the progress of each kid the way we have done for decades when meeting in school. The kids may play daily or less frequently, but we encourage them to compete at least once per week.

Elementary Team League: This fun online competition takes place every other Saturday at 2:00 pm. Students in our online clubs represent their schools in friendly matches with students from other schools

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