International Grandmaster Daniel Albornoz relaxes by playing chess with our young players.

The U.S. Chess Center Visits Cuba

The U.S. Chess Center took seven young chess ambassadors to Cuba from December 27, 2018, through January 3, 2019. We played chess with masters in three cities: Havana, Trinidad, and Camaguey, and with students in Havana and Camaguey.

Here are pictures.

In the Capablanca Chess Club in Havana

Slide 1: Outside the historic Capablanca Chess Club Slide 2: Kids learning the game Slide 3: Playing against Cuban experts Slide 4: A match with Cuban peers Slide 5: More games with kids our own age Slide 6: It was a fun afternoon meeting Cuban kids Slide 7: Torin with FM Torres Slide 8: Paying respect at the tomb of World Champion Capablanca

Other photos from Havana

Slide 6: Chess is better, but dominoes is fun Slide 8: Another sight to see Slide 9: Architecture in Havana Slide 11: Entrance to Colon Cemetary

Playing chess in Trinidad

Slide 1: FMs Enresto Salabarria and Alejandro Pomares Diaz and their friends Slide 2: A lesson with Ernesto Slide 3: A lesson with Alejandro Slide 4: Playing with new friends Slide 5: Playing with other friends Slide 6: The group shot

Grandmaster Daniel Albornoz

Slide 1: Anish takes on the Grandmaster Slide 2: Zach nearly wins Slide 3: The Camaguey club teaches dozens of girls and boys Slide 4: The focus and intensity was high Slide 5: Playing a high-level grandmaster is a great experience Slide 6: Setting up for the event

Playing Camaguey youths

Slide 1: The portrait in the front of the club Slide 2: Blitz followed the Albornoz exhibition Slide 3: Playing with Camaguey friends Slide 4: Playing with Camaguey friends Slide 5: Playing with Camaguey friends Slide 6: Playing with Camaguey friends

More photos from Havana

Slide 1: The Capitol Slide 2: Inside the Capitol Slide 3: From a vintage car Slide 4: Looking out from the Old City Slide 5: Learning dominoes from Enrique Slide 7: Sights in Havana Slide 10: A church