MSNBC News (2008)

MSNBC News aired a national piece about our classes in our headquarters and in District of Columbia Public Schools.

NBC News (2013)

Channel 4 News broadcast a piece about the U.S. Chess Center bringing Rochelle Ballatyne to Washington to play 20 students simultaneously.

Channel 9 WUSA (2012)

Channel 9 News sent a reporter to cover our Internet match with a team from Montenegro. The match involved the ambassadors from both the United States and Montenegro making the ceremonial first moves in both countries.

D.C. Cable Access TV (2011)

DC Cable Access TV prepared a news article explaining U.S. Chess Center philosophy and our mission.

Channel 4 News (1994)

NBC News covered the 1994 match between Eastern High School students and lawyers from he Department of Justice. The DOJ brought along a federal judge to help them, but the Eastern High School students taught the adults something.

Channel 5 News (1992)

WTTG Channel 5 News broadcast on the U.S. Chess Center program teaching urban and suburban kids the strategy of chess.