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Working with D.C. Metro Area schools, the U.S. Chess Center integrates its program into the existing school curriculum. In each participating classroom, our teachers work with the students for one hour per week. We also work with classroom teachers to introduce them to the benefits of chess and to teach them the basic rules of the game so that they can support their students between visits from U.S. Chess Center teachers. We are the only local organization that works directly with school principals and teachers to provide chess instruction in the classroom. For our full lesson plan, click here.

The U.S. Chess Center has created chess programs in more than 100 schools and other places where children gather in Washington, D.C. Click here for a list of our locations.

Playing Chness In The Classroom After-School Clubs

We run 25-30 chess clubs in the DC Metro Area in addition to the in-school classes we teach. We offer semester-long sessions of weekly club meetings that combine skill-appropriate lessons with adequate time for the children to practice and play. Students are grouped by ability so that all are challenged and none are bored. To accommodate busy schedules of parents and students, we also offer before-school and evening programs.

Our teachers are nationally certified chess coaches with substantial training and experience. While our focus in each class is to improve student skills and we emphasize good sportsmanship, individuals and teams we have coached and trained frequently win local, state and national championships.

If you are interested in establishing a chess club at your school, please contact us.