Washington Parent

This article, written by the President of the U.S. Chess Center, is about the value of chess for young people. The article answers the questions of why learning chess is good for children and when children are ready to learn to play the game.

Newspaper Clippings

During our first twenty years, many print outlets wrote articles about our activities. This video presents many of those articles, including those published in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Times and many smaller papers.

The Washington Post (1989)

This editorial in The Washington Post, three years before we opened our doors, got us started.

U.S. Chess Federation

Rochelle Ballantyne's visit to Washington was covered by the U.S. Chess Federation. Rochelle visited several D.C. schools and gave a twenty-board simultaneous exhibition at THEARC in Anacostia.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post coverage, including a video and photo gallery, of Grandmaster Maurice Ashley's exhibition at the U.S. Chess Center with 30 children.

D.C. Public Schools

The DC Public School system was proud of the children from its schools who played in the exhibition with Grandmaster Maurice Ashley.

U.S. Chess Federation

The U.S. Chess Federation highlighted the blindfold exhibition Grandmaster Maurice Ashley performed at the U.S. Chess Center.

The Washington Times

U.S. Chess Center Founder David Mehler received the Scholastic Service Award from the U.S. Chess Federation at the same time that the U.S. Chess Center received the organization award. These awards were much appreciated recognition for the efforts made to teach young people the rules, strategy and etiquette of the game.

U.S. Chess Federation

Chess reached the ambassadorial level on January 22, 2012, as a team of youngsters from the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica played a match with a team from the U.S. Chess Center in Washington. On hand in each city was the ambassador from the other nation. Before the match began each diplomat said a few words about the value chess can have for international relations and the importance of establishing friendly ties. Each ambassador made the ceremonial first move for the top board. The match was covered by local TV news.