Play Chess and Watch Soccer

D.C. United Chess Night

Saturday, May 4

A chess tournament in the afternoon before the evening soccer match with the Columbus Crew.

Three Sections:

The tournament will start at 3:00 pm at Audi Field and will end by 6:30 pm. Each participant will play four games, nobody is eliminated from this Swiss-System tournament. The games are not nationally rated, and all players are welcome.

Games will be played at a Game/15;d5 time control, so games should not take more than 40 minutes each.

Some of the students will be invited onto the field during warm-ups, and every player will receive a gift from D.C. United.

The tournament and DC United cannot be responsible for children except when they are playing in the tournament room. Parents will need a separate ticket. The seating purchased through this website is together, and only tickets bought through this website will be in that location.

Ticket price: $50 per person, includes the soccer match and, for those in K-8, entrance to the chess tournament